Jewelrybylilbit will accept preapproved repairs from Jan 15 - Nov 15 each calendar year sent to my post office box.

Preapprovals received after Nov 16th will not be honored and will be returned to sender.

 Nov 16th - Jan 14 repairs will not be honored due to the demand of the holiday season and any correspondence received during this timeframe will receive a standard message with the date that repair(s) will start back up and to reach back at that time.

To get a repair approved please email 

In the subject line please write in REQUEST FOR REPAIR along with a photo of the item(s) you are requesting for repair.  Each repair will be preapproved or denied on a case by case situation.  If more than half of the beads in your repair need to be replaced, the repair will be denied and the recommendation will be to purchase a new set.  If you are requesting a duplicate name earring, the repair will be denied and the request will be to purchase a new pair.  

If your repair is approved please make sure to ship your repair within two weeks of the approval email.  This will be closely monitored so that the number of repairs coming in will not be overwhelming.